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Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Sapa Homestay. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Sapa Homestay. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 2, 2015

Ms Thao Thi May talk about Sapa homestays

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sapa travel homestays
sapa travel homestays 
Sapa O'Chau homestays allow you to experience the local culture of Sapa and support the local community. Sapa O'Chau helped some of the ethnic minority families to convert their home into a homestay. 
  • Thus you will get an authentic experience of living with the ethnic minority families. To provide some creature comforts for our guests, our homestays are fitted with modern western toilets, hot showers and mattresses.
  • In winter, you will experience how the locals huddle around the stove fire to keep warm. 
  • Your hosts may offer you rice wine, if you are of legal age, to help you keep warm. To keep warm in bed at night, you may ask for more blankets. 
  • The locals do not have the luxury of an electric blanket or radiator to warm their house. The village electricity cannot support these high electricity demand items. 
  • When you trek for more than a day with Sapa O'Chau, homestays are included in the package. Learn more about our homestays below

Ms Thao Thi May talk about sapa tour homestay
Ms Thao Thi May

Hang Lao Chai hamlet - Lao Chai Village

Sapa O'Chau's first Homestay Initiative. Set up in 2009, Ms. Thao Thi May's homestay was the first example of a homestay run by the Black Hmong minority people in Vietnam.
  • Widowed at an early age and with three small children, Ms. Thao Thi May has been able to support herself and her family through the income she earns from this homestay.
  •  Ms. May is energetic, very friendly, speaks good English and will make sure your stay with her is memorable and comfortable.
  • Her homestay sleeps up to 10 people.

Thứ Năm, 13 tháng 3, 2014

Sleep at Sapa - Reviews List Sapa Hotel

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Sleep  at Sapa - Reviews Sapa List Hotel 

Keep in mind that in Sapa, as in many other provinces of Vietnam, it is the law that you must turn over your passport to your hotel/guesthouse/hostel. However, a photocopy of the main page and your visa should suffice, and if they refuse, simply tell them your real copy is in Hanoi getting a visa extension.
A near-endless supply of cheap rooms are available in the touristy area down the hill from the town centre, and generally a flock of young men and women will leap on you the moment you arrive with offers from US$3 on up (price quoted for a double).

  • SapaSky ,  ( 84 ) 0982 48 68 68 checkin: 12; checkout: 10A nice and relaxing hotel with boutique interiors. 12
  • Ly Tam May Quang's HomestayDoi 1 - Ta Phin village 01666924727[6]Altough not located in Sapa but rather 15 km from the town itself, in Ta Phin village. A nice and friendly little homestay run by english, french and vietnamese speaking owners. They can cook any food you like and propose REAL herbal baths at a decent price. US$5.  
  • Fansipan View HotelXuan Vien St (+84-203) 873 579[7]A nice and relaxing hotel with boutique interiors.  
  • Hoang Ha Sapa HotelThac Bac St + 84 203 872 535[8]Conveniently located in the center of Sapa Town in Lao Cai, Vietnam, overlooking the beautiful Muong Hoa Valley. All rooms are equipped with Large balcony with landscape view, Fireplace, Cable TV and Free Wi-Fi Internet access. Some of its facilities and services are Meeting room, Restaurant, Room service and Free high-speed Internet access.  edit They offer a bus to the hotel but you have to pay and if you arrive on the early train you sit in the station car park until later trains arrive. The scare stories about overcharging by minibus drivers seemed wrong- it is 50,000 dong everywhere. They also don't want to check you in until 1-2pm. Western breakfast poor.
  • Green Bamboo Sapa - a hotel with an old wing located near the entrance of the town. It serves a cheap and good breakfast at US$2.50. A night's stay at the main hotel will cost US$25. A room in the old wing will cost about US$10. Rooms in the main and old wing of the hotel, as long as not on the ground floors, will offer a breathtaking view of the Fan Xi Pan mountains.
  • Khach San Hoang Ha10 Thac Bac[9]. checkout: 10:00amstands like a haunted Chinese elementary school overlooking Baguette & Chocolate. free internet in the lobby. beds are a bit hard. US$15.  
  • Little Sapa - basically a restaurant located near the market, it also serves as a hotel for long-stay travellers, costing US$60/month. Big rooms with balconies, TV, hot water.
  • Lotus Hotel - located only a few meters from the Royal Hotel. Nice rooms, tea, tv, hot water, restaurant and for some rooms, a fireplace and a nice view. US$4-7. Week-ends are naturally more expensive. The staff is a little bit cold. Hotel closes at 11pm.
  • Pumpkin Hotel42 Cau May str 020.872.350Very friendly and helpful staff. Good sized rooms with desks and computers. Beware the hotel may attempt to charge extra for a space heater at a rate of 150.000vnd. (For the electricity, of course.) If you are staying here as a part of an ET Pumpkin tour make sure to get assurances that your space heater will be included in the price. Get it in writing if you can. $18
  • Red Dragon PubMuong Hoa street (Close to the Holiday Hotel). Now Unfortunately Closed. 
  • The Royal Hotel - located at the bottom of the main street. The rooms provide a nice view over the valley and many open onto a small balcony. It has an attached café offering standard traveller fare (banana or chocolate pancakes, as always in Vietnam, feature) and can help you out with travel arrangements. Rooms with a view over the valley start at $15US (double) while rooms looking back over the town are $12US.
  • Sapa Global HotelNo. 18 Pham Xuan Huan St., Sapa Town (across from church, near Central Park),  020 350 2242[10]. checkin: any time; checkout: 12pm.Located smack in the center of Sapa, this cozy hotel full of rustic, old world charm has 20 newly renovated rooms all with heating, hot water, satellite TV and wifi. Free internet access is available in the lobby. Breakfast included. Trekking and other tours can be arranged at reception. $15-40USD.  
  • Thai Binh Sapa HotelHam Rong Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam (From market, walk straight up from the left of the church. Turn left at the end of the street.),  +84 (020) 3871212[11]. checkout: 1200Located at quiet part of Sapa and within 5mins walk from market and restaurant street. Free internet in lobby and Wi-Fi in rooms. Electric heater, electric mattress available in the room. The hotel boss (a local teacher / education officer), and a lady receptionist is very friendly and speak good english. They are able to provide local tour, buy train tickets (Lao Cai train station), and transport to and from Lao Cai train station. US$22 - US$25
  • Topas Eco Lodge, (30 min drive south of Sapa),  0203871331[12]Perched on beautiful grounds on a hill with stunning views of the surrounding valley. Spacious, detached bungalows, each with their own balcony, making a comfortable double, or can probably even accommodate a small family. The eco part of the title comes partly through the lodge hiring local staff and using solar power and hot water in all of their bungalows. See You can catch a free shuttlebus from the Topas Travel office in Sapa (21 Muong Hoa Str. Sapa), where you can also get more information about the lodge. About US$99 per night for a detached bungalow
  • Mountain Bar & Pub02 Muong Hoa, Sapa, Lao Cai (Near Royal Hotel),  0983889798Good Bar in Sapa with many flavour Shisha. Good place to drink  
  • Family Guesthouse028 Muong Hoa, Sapa, Lao Cai (Near edge of Sapa town),  (+84 203) 872310, (+84)01662624308Clean but very spartan rooms at the very edge of town. Rooms have no heat, so gets very chilly at night. There are 2 great things about this hotel: a very helpful, honest receptionist who speaks good English, and the rooms have great views of the Fansipan mountains. 
  • Sapa Rooms18 Phan Xi Pang Street, Sapa, Lao Cai +84 (020) 650 5228[13]Great little boutique hotel with a ground floor restaurant that serves a wide range of good dishes and has free WiFi. They can arrange tours with local guides and optional home stays, with a percentage of the profits going directly to support local community projects and schools. Also rent motorbikes, offer cooking classes, opportunities to volunteer in local communities, accepts clothing donations, etc. 
  • sapa cozy hotel
  • Homely Villa in Sapa (Villa for Best Experience in Sa Pa), [14]. checkin: 2:00pm; checkout: 12:00pmLocated on a 6000sqm native plant garden, this villa has got an indoor fireplace to keep you warm and also Wi-Fi Internet. It also offers free transfer to and from their BnB to town which makes travelling convenient. More importantly, within walking distance to the villages of H'mong and Red Dao ethnic people, it is an excellent starting point to explore the charm of Sa Pa. USD$45.  
  • SaPa Backpackers06 Ham Rong St. Sa Pa (From market, walk straight up from the left of the church. Turn left at the end of the street, next door from Thai Binh), +8401644225438[15]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00Sapa Backpackers hasv a lovely athmosphere and problably the cheapest rooms you can find in town. You can also make a lot of local friends that may take you for some tasty food around town =D $3 - $6.  
  • Sapa Hostel01 Hoang Lien Street, Sapa (From the central square, walk uphill, turn left and then walk up the driveway of Cau May Hotel). Friendly hostel/hotel in a huge, mansion-like house. Staff is incredibly friendly and will help with tours, maps and questions. Rents out Motos $4//$5 for manual/automatic. dm from $5, privates from $10.  
  • Trip Advisor Tours (information tour sapa free), Ham Rong street, Sapa Town, Vietnam 84986926608[16]is a major supplier to the travel information places in sapa in Vietnam and the region. General Department of Vietnam tourism grant, with any questions they have resolved for you, providing any information to the tourists are complimentary  

Do at Sapa Tour ,Sapa Homestay and more

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  • Do at Sapa Tour ,Sapa Homestay and more

  • Sit and Drink
    Sit on the balcony of a hotel overlooking the valleys drinking a beer at sunset - sublime
  • Sapa Hmong Sewing ClassesIndigo Cat provide Hmong Sewing Classes but you also will find a huge selection of local products such as genuine handicrafts, different teas or cardamom. You can find it at 046 Fansipan Str.  edit
  • Sapa Trekking103 Nguyen Truong To +8437153977, . *Sign-up for a trekking trip that enables you to stay overnight at one of the villages. The homestay experience is not uncomfortable (some homestays have hot water showers, while some don't. Red Dao homestays may have herbal baths. Ask in advance if this is important to you) and an enriching one. Bring a sweater, as the villages can be very chilly at night and there are no heat sources of any kind except for the cooking fire in the kitchen. Thick blankets will be provided when you sleep. These treks can be purchased in Hanoi as part of a package, or you can ask for private treks for your party, at USD25-35 per day.. Be aware, however, that most trekkings organized by Vietnam people do not really respect the guides (who will mostly be members of the ethnic minorities). Some local organizations guarantee a good income for the local people, not only for the Hanoi-based tour organizations. 147.  edit
  • Sapa Homestay. At the time of writing a typicial "classic" tour will costs you around 35/40$ for one night including the trek to the village, including 4 cooked meals and as much rich wine as you can drink. Some of the more remote villages have very few foreign visitors and do not deal with the large volumes of tourists from the 'homestays' on the guided tours. (!)Just a little reminder : Sleeping in houses not officially recognised as homestays can lead to problems for both the host and you if you get caught. You have been warned.(!). If you want to go off the beaten track and still sleep in a comfortable bed check out the new accommodation We had a really amazing time here.  edit
  • Heaven's GateThe mountains will take your breath away. Join a tour or go by rented motorbike. Get directions and a map from the very friendly girls at the tourist centre right in the middle of the town's square. If you go on tour it will be a half day thing with a waterfall nearby thrown in. This waterfall has its own charm. Viewing the mountains is free, though there is a small charge to enter the waterfall. Make sure you bring along wide-angled cameras for the mountains.
  • Go Solo TrekkingHire a motorbike and head for one of the villages outside of Sapa. When you pay at the pay stations, they give you a pretty good map or you can buy a great 'Tourist Map' for about 20k at the tourist information center. All of the trekking routes are marked (the one you get at the pay station even gives you distances and difficulty). Paths are generally easy to follow and there are a lot of people around to help if you are unsure. Great adventures!  edit
  • Sapa LakeA 5-minute walk from the church will bring you to Sa Pa lake where you can rent a pedal boat for 40,000 dond/30 min or 80,000 dond/hour. Note that the pedal boats are available only on weekends& good weather days.  edit
  • Remote Sapa valleyCatch a free shuttle bus from the Topas Travel Office at 9:30 AM (21 Muong Hoa Street, Sapa) and drive 18 km to the Topas Ecolodge in the remote Moung Hoa valley. From here there is excellent access to various hikes to areas with no tourism (in contrast to busy Sapa). The ecolodge has an excellent restaurant with great views of the mountains.

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