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Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 6, 2016

Top 10 Local Markets in Sapa Tour Packages

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Sapa is not only famous with the stunning landscape, terraced rice fields, but alo famous with for local markets weekly which giving travellers an authentic experience of the local hill tribe culture about their customs, daily life and traditional habits. Here is list of local markets in sapa you may wish to consider visiting as part of your Sapa Trekking Tour.
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#1 Bac Ha Market – Sunday

This is the biggest and most well-known market in Sapa. Just take three hours drive from Sapa town and the market occurs every Sunday. Bac Ha market is a place where everyone come to buy and sell a wide variety of goods, livestock and exchange news as well as friendships. The market opens at around 7.30am - closed mid-afternoon, Therefore the best way to see trading out there is to arrive early and leave before the crowds of tourists arrive on the buses between 10am and 11am. This is not really a place for shopping, just a great location to visit the ethnic minority group – Flower Hmong, Tay, Nung, Black Dao ….etc in exchange the culture and take photos
Top 10 Local Markets in Sapa Tour Packages
Bac Ha Market - Top 10 Local Markets in Sapa Tour Packages

#2 Coc Ly market – Tuesday

This is a colorful market in a mountainous area northern Vietnam, where the Flower H’mong mainly gathers to exchange their homemade products. It’s coming for every Tuesday, it starts around 7am and closed in the early afternoon.

#3 Can Cau market

If you are traveling to sapa on Saturday, you will get a chance to visit colourful market – Can Cau. Located only 7 kilometers from the Chinese border. A visit to this market is a fascinating and authentic experience

#4 Muong Khuong market

Muong Khuong market is far away 90 km from Sapa. It opens on every Sunday and considered as the biggest of the minority here. Local peoples from everywhere of Muong Khuong’s land coming here to get gather in selling and trade from cattle, vegetable, handicraft, traditional incense and local products.

#5 Lung Khau Nhin market

Lung Khau Nhin is small market, near Muong Khuong town and is habitant place of the Black Dao, Tay, Flower H’Mong (Red H’mong), Dzay minority group. This is alo a place that people selling brocade, dresses and blankets as well as dogs, cats, pigs and chickens. Lung Khau Nhin market held every Thursday starting around 7.30am – closes in the early afternoon.

#6 Cao Son market

Cao Son market has only meeting on Wednesday, this is the market of ethnic H’Mong, Phu La, Han and Black Dao, who living in 4 biggest villages of Muong Khuong. A Sapa Trekking Tour that including Cao Son market will have a great opportunity for you to interact as well as learn more about the daily life of ethnic where you also will easily be overwhelmed by some cuisines from flavors of buffalo meat, beef meat and horse of the H’Mong peoples.

#7 Xin cheng market - Wednesday

Like Cao Son market, Xin cheng market is held on every Wednesday. It offers the opportunity to explore a colorful gathering point of many local minorities – Tay, Flower H’Mong, Dzay. This market is a place where everyone meet up together to exchange clothes, fruits, tobacco, buffalo, horses and many other local products. Learn more:

#8 Simacai Market - Sunday

Simacai Market as well known as one of the remote tribal market of the region. It’s rarely have the visit of visitor as other market in Sapa, this is because this market often holds in the mountains and forest at the far end of a tough road.

#9 Pha long market – Morning Saturday

Just few kilometers away from Chinese border, coming to Pha Long market takes 3 hours from Sapa. This market is very rural and seldom visited by tourists.

#10 Muong Hum market – Sunday

Located next to a pretty little river, Muong Hum market offers a taste into what rural Vietnam is like for ethnic minority people, who living in the northern highlands. Most of them coming here to sell their homemade products such as: vegetables, fruits and animals



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