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Thứ Bảy, 22 tháng 8, 2015

[Tip ]Train to Sapa with

VTMECO     09:12  1 comment

Hi everyone !! ,

  • We just went to sapa for some days, and this are our tips for getting the cheapest train.
  • The best way to go to Lao Cai (en then to sapa) is with a sleeper train.
  • There are 5 trains riding at night. You will find a lot of tourist trains like king express, orient express, etc but actually these are just compartiments of the same train, owned by tourist companies.

  • The cheapest carriage is from vietnam railways itself, but the quality is more or less the same (same type of beds, same size, etc) than those of the tourist trains, but the price of the tourist trains are more than the double! (We paid now for 2 people 2-way tickets 41$, I have asked price at a tourist company and the price for 2 people go and return was 300$, with another company 150$)
  • The website of the vietnam railways (, and not : ) is only available in vietnamese, so the easiest way to book tickets is via a contact person in Vietnam who will book the tickets for you.
  • We have been using and the service was really great. We booked and paid online, one day later we got a mail with voucher from vietnam railways itself. 
  • The only addional costs are 40.000 dong processing fee. (2$) At the station in Hanoi, we showed the voucher at the ticket counter and got the psysical tickets (without anything to pay).
Good service, we only can recommend it
Best regards



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