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Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 2, 2015

Ms Thao Thi May talk about Sapa homestays

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sapa travel homestays
sapa travel homestays 
Sapa O'Chau homestays allow you to experience the local culture of Sapa and support the local community. Sapa O'Chau helped some of the ethnic minority families to convert their home into a homestay. 
  • Thus you will get an authentic experience of living with the ethnic minority families. To provide some creature comforts for our guests, our homestays are fitted with modern western toilets, hot showers and mattresses.
  • In winter, you will experience how the locals huddle around the stove fire to keep warm. 
  • Your hosts may offer you rice wine, if you are of legal age, to help you keep warm. To keep warm in bed at night, you may ask for more blankets. 
  • The locals do not have the luxury of an electric blanket or radiator to warm their house. The village electricity cannot support these high electricity demand items. 
  • When you trek for more than a day with Sapa O'Chau, homestays are included in the package. Learn more about our homestays below

Ms Thao Thi May talk about sapa tour homestay
Ms Thao Thi May

Hang Lao Chai hamlet - Lao Chai Village

Sapa O'Chau's first Homestay Initiative. Set up in 2009, Ms. Thao Thi May's homestay was the first example of a homestay run by the Black Hmong minority people in Vietnam.
  • Widowed at an early age and with three small children, Ms. Thao Thi May has been able to support herself and her family through the income she earns from this homestay.
  •  Ms. May is energetic, very friendly, speaks good English and will make sure your stay with her is memorable and comfortable.
  • Her homestay sleeps up to 10 people.

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